What You Will learn From Us

General knowledge and background

General knowledge and background

The differences in species of elephants in the world. Thai Elephant as sub-spicy of Asian Elephant. History back ground of Domestic Elephant in Thailand. Why elephant are so important for Thailand? Why elephant are still domesticated in Thailand? Elephant in Buddhism and the believes of the Thais relate to elephants. Situation of Domestic Elephant and Wild Elephant in Thailand and Asia. Patara Elephant Farm’s mission and conservation philosophy. Get to know our elephants individually.


Breeding Program

Including heat detecting, mating management, pregnancy follow up and the delivery of baby elephants. Care taking for the new born and young elephant.


Training Course

elephant farm management, elephant trainer’s tasks and responsibilities, tracking your elephant in the bush, how to approach and be near elephant, feeding and dietary of elephant, herbal medication for elephant, elephant anatomy, life cycle of elephant, daily activities for domestic elephant, daily health care, dunk inspection, age estimation for elephant, the differences between ordinary and special elephants. observation on elephant moods (important), Dos and don’ts for elephant, elephant’s body languages and communications, how a trainer create relationship and respectfulness with his elephant, Bathing and brushing elephant in the river, chain and unchain technique, spoken command for elephant, basic and advance riding skills, how to treat elephant to make them happy. A lot more of impressive elephant stories.


Fun Activities

Elephant feeding, elephant bathing and brushing, water combat with your elephant, riding your own elephant, score hunting while riding on elephant by making your elephant to do things such as make you elephant spray water to your friend, pick up rubbish from trail or making sound to greet people. Elephant trip to waterfall, picnic lunch, swim with your elephant, riding on the same elephant with your lover on return trip, taking a lot of pictures with elephant.