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299/22 Siwalee Rachapreuk MaeHea, Chiangmai, Thailand





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patara elephant farm  

Hands together or face extinction  

"Hands together or face extinction" more

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patara elephant farm  

Preaw and baby Jew at luxury nursery   

Preaw and baby Jew deserve a luxury nursery unit with garden and a great panoramic view, of course with room service by Uthis,their caregiver ห้องพักหลังคลอดของแม่แพรว ห้าดาวสุดบูทีค ห้องสวยโปร่งวิวดี มีรูมเซอร์วิสโดยควาญพี... more

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patara elephant farm  


This is going to be another exciting night!!! Urgent phone call from staff said Lucky ( yes, your elephant Lucky seen on the left of the picture which was taken during the time that she gave emotional support to Preaw a few days ago ) is having a contract... more

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patara elephant farm  

Size is Matter  

... more

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patara elephant farm  

Birthing Season has begun  

Birthing Season has begun! more

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