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299/22 Siwalee Rachapreuk MaeHea, Chiangmai, Thailand





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  Below are 9 facts of whom you are considering to support.  
  1) We adopt/rescue elephants from unsuitable living condition such as circuses,and illegal logging camps.

2) We focus seriously on health recovery for elephants and natural breeding management to increase elephant population.

3) 14 elephants were born in the last 7 years and most of female elephant are now being pregnant. (4 babies born in 2011)

4) 10 years operation with 0 dead record of elephant accordingly to our healthcare program and daily activities for elephants.

5) 8 elephants from us were set free into the natural habitat and all are living fine. (

6) We provide more open land for elephant than any other places. (highest space per elephant population)

7) We are the only elephant place in Asia that, everyday, have less number of visitors than number of elephant population.

8) we provide upper scale of interaction with elephants in term of quality and flexibility in length of time for our guests.

9) Our presentation is 100% self created while many other elephant places are just recently set up and try to imitate.