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299/22 Siwalee Rachapreuk MaeHea, Chiangmai, Thailand





Elephant baby was born in Patara Elephant Farm

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  Stephanie and Dean

We were blessed to have visited the farm the day that the baby was born - it was amazing to see the baby walking around within a few hours and already being nursed. Pat and Dao - Thanks so much for letting us share the special day with the Patara Farm family!




I visited the Patara elephant farm in December and saw this elephant while she was 24 months pregnant and overdue. I wished I had been there but I am glad she delivered such a healthy and cute baby. Congratulations on the mama and the team !



  Arlene V

What an amazing video and what a beautiful moment to share with all elephant lovers!!



  helena gazdik

Two years ago, my husband and I were riding Boon Moon and Mia Mae. MiaMae was pregnant at that time. Did she have a successful delivery, and if yes, did she have a boy or a girl? We fondly remember our stay at your centre. I wrote about our adventure in the Vancouver Sun travel section praising your handlers and the happy elephants.



  The Bakers

We, too, were able to feel this baby move prior to his/her birth. How exciting to see this little one enter the world!




Hi Pat. Last August my young son and I took care of Nui (?), a pregnant Elephant. Had she the new born yet? I had a so beautiful feeling with that elephant ....



  Joanna Crewe

It is amazing to be able to see this birth. I cannot wait until we see the next one. Especially Nui who I rode at 5 months pregnant.



  Steel Family

We got to pet that elephant when she pregnant. Congratulations everyone! What a beautiful video.



  Sean Conner

For those not familiar with the process of elephant birthing (we weren't before we went to Patara) the veterinarian in the video was pushing on the baby elephant to get its body working - a bit like spanking a baby to make sure the lungs are working. If he doesn't do that right away there's a higher risk of the baby dying. In the wild the elephant mothers would literally kick the baby around a bit to get the same effect, but because these are 'domesticated' elephants they don't have the same learned behaviors. I hope this allays some of the concerns of why that man was "hitting" the baby elephant.



  Susan Friedmann

How absolutely amazing. I wish I could have seen this live!



  Emma Lambert

congratulations! who was the mummy! We have 2 different families planning to come within 6 months, thank you to your fantastic photos and video!



  Juian amd Andrea Margolin

Hi Pat So happy for you and the new Elephant. Was it a boy or Girl and what have you named it Please let us know